....the mysterious East beckons once more.
.....or: Per Hades Ad Astral
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Re: Menu

Post by fawn » 05 Oct 2015, 17:53

Now that I have finally returned to Cornwall, a belated thanks to everyone for a fantastic weekend! Great hosting once again, Logic, and even enough food for me to leave some leftovers ;)

Particular thanks to Oggs for walking the fine line between making us absolutely terrified that we were going to die/be stuck in Hades, whilst still having a glimmer of hope that made us carry on! There should definitely be a mural in the new temple showing the new White Council running away courageously escaping from the hordes of Hades with the scabbard! We will need lots of red for the dweomer effects!

Great to see Jimbo back again (and John) chopping up foes in his usual style. No wonder it was so hard to beat yourself in a fight!

Awesome brewing from Jase as well, one of the best pints I've had... especially for 60p a pint! The citrus zest was lovely and the strength just right for a BW fuzzy feeling without laying any of us out. As a bonus it wasn't Lanzi that almost killed me with dweomer this time! :D

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Re: Menu

Post by Takeda » 09 Oct 2015, 19:17

Firstly apologies for the tardy post, I've been mega busy both at home and with work
Thank you so much to Logic for hosting us so superbly yet again. The food was great as always and how you prepare and play baffles me.
Jimbo your curry only added extra splendour to the fabulous menu. It was great to see you back with the gang and to have hintzus firepower fully utilised.
Oggs to add to Owens comment I haven't been so on the edge of my seat since the episode when we escaped from the Efreets kingdom. Squeaky bum time! Thank you once again for your preparation, patience and artistic flair. It's a real honor to play in your campaign.
Owen the chronicle is our lasting record of Oggies creation and helps my few remaining brain cells recall what we actually did! You also play dafydd so sell its scary.

A fab weekend once again and great to see you all
Can't wait for the next installment!


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