BW 39 Availability

...wandering around under the Dragorald taking a 'shortcut' to Keffendir - Mines of Moria anyone?
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Re: BW 39 Availability

Post by Takeda » 16 Mar 2020, 07:22

My turn to apologise now....
Unfortunately it won’t be possible for me to make the 1st May, so we will need to look for another date...
Sorry everyone
Can we take another look at the spreadsheet and update please.


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Re: BW 39 Availability

Post by ianlogic » 16 Mar 2020, 13:29

No apology necessary Jase - we always knew it was a 'No' for you and time with family is the most important.

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Re: BW 39 Availability

Post by hintzujim » 22 Apr 2020, 19:53

Hishik's Vision
BW XXXIX Hishik's Vision[2305843009214590978].docx
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