Thank you

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Thank you

Post by ianlogic » 30 Sep 2019, 13:27


Just wanted to post my usual thanks for another brilliant weekend.

Jase - the house was perfect for BW and thank you for being an excellent host (again). If there was honour for meeting your god regularly, Takeda would be top of the list :lol: I'm even bringing the family back to explore the Norfolk coastline in a few weekends time, so your Norfolk marketing campaign is clearly working. ;) PS - Sofa was v comfy too :D

Jimbo - Hishik is still a constant source of surprise, or was it Hintzu - I'm confused :? :lol: It was good to see the thief skills coming into play this weekend after plenty of magic last time round. I'm still amazed how well you make it work.

Owen - Sorry to see you in such a poor state on Saturday, I never believed that BW could break you, of all people! :? Fawn is so much fun to play alongside the way that you bring him to life. I never realised how Lawful LanZi was until we met Fawn :lol: and, as always, big thanks for staying focused enough to write notes as we go - we would be lost without you!

Oggie - Big thank you for pandering to our shallowness and allowing some gratuitous treasure and violence :D We still love the strategy and the puzzles but we also appreciate a little bit of old fashioned dungeoneering and I know how hard you have to work to blend the two. You nearly had us with the deceptive visions, I was seriously thinking about a quick raid on Tarterus for a while :evil: :?

Already looking forward to the next one :D


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Re: Thank you

Post by fawn » 30 Sep 2019, 16:31


Thanks for checking on me - yes I did get home in one piece, although it was about 2315 hrs (better than I expected) tbf. Thanks also for the lift which saved me a couple of hours of driving each way. Hopefully next time Lucy won't be tied up with work and it will be easier. Thanks also to Baldir for holding us together after each successive bashing at the hands of various monsters - although I think we managed not to hurt each other for once... unless you count Enrodire fireballing Takeda that is!


Thanks for the brilliant hosting. I hope the lovely house airs well after the weekend! The beer tasted amazing, but the gas was just too much for my guts (they suffer with gas at the best of times) hence why I had to bail early before my insides actually exploded or something. A great meal at the end to bring me back to normality, though, I actually enjoyed the veg the most for once. Takeda did seem to be a bit of a glass cannon, but now that he's properly protected he will really be a death machine.


Brilliant as ever, thank you so much for the world we play in (well Fawn "plays" anyway, he thinks everyone else takes life far too seriously at times). Glad we saw through the deceptive visions, but not sure I like having to worry about what we are saying in our sleep now! Thanks also for putting up with the rugby distraction (sorry but wasn't going to miss Wales v Australia) and toilet diversions - I promise I'll be better next time.


Hishik is very versatile and I love that we were able to tag team a whole group of burly warriors whilst our mates were all charmed or held. Go mages! Hishik certainly saw some action again, and is proving quite the survivor. I hope you enjoy playing him as much as we enjoy seeing what he's going to do next. The backstrike will come one day...

So thanks to you all and already looking forward to the next one!

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Re: Thank you

Post by Takeda » 01 Oct 2019, 11:00


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for a massively enjoyable weekend.

Oggs, brilliant as ever - thank you! I particularly liked the twist on the visions and also the dungeoneering aspects that you brought to the game play. You scared the life out of me at the end with the 'dragons' in the cavern. I will try to keep Takeda alive a little longer and get my head around Fireball radii!

Logic - Thank you for keeping us altogether both bodily and spiritually! I think that the dual leadership between Baldir and Takeda works well and is may be something we can explore further in future weekends.
Thank you also for ongoing dedication in terms of Strategic thinking, IT support and general drive. It really makes our gaming experience so much better.

Jim - Hishik remains full of surprises and despite his size seems to do a lot better job of surviving than Takeda!
The curry was, as ever, fabulous and you must teach me how to do your rice!

Owen - Firstly my apologies for wrecking your guts with my beer.... the next lot is going on this week so hopefully we won't have a repeat situation. I do love Fawn and whilst it has been said before, how he can be that Chaotic remains beyond me! Thanks also for putting in all the miles to make the weekend - I know its a huge commitment for you in terms of time a petrol.

And so on to the next Weekend. If it works for you then I'm more than happy to host again. I'm assuming it will be in the New Year, so hopefully we can find a weekend in Jan or Feb.


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