Thank you

..."Five go to Oshika" - Fawn's gone fishing, Baldir is on another Plane, Takeda has a very short new best friend and Muersat makes 5 (Fawn's fake friend clearly doesn't count)
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Thank you

Post by ianlogic » 21 Jan 2019, 13:44


I just wanted to thank you all again for a brilliant weekend in probably the poshest lodge we have used so far with the Jase Hughes Extra Special Discount- awesome skills as always Jase ;) Oggie - I have no idea where you go next to raise the bar after Ragnarok; the end of the world is probably the best start to a D&D session ever. :o

You guys are by far the longest running friends who I actually still talk to! So I always really value these weekends and always wish for an extra day and more regular weekends. Mind you - I seem to have a growing pile of Boys Weekend support equipment boxes (now including washing-up liquid!)- we're going to need a van soon :? In the meantime, I already can't wait for the 50th Birthday special this Summer - hopefully I'll almost be a civvy by then :D

It was amazing to see the amazing new miniatures up close but - for the love of God Jimbo - no more big scary monsters, you only give Oggie (bad) ideas! :lol: Kobolds, goblins, orcs, particularly small trolls... ;)

Owen - we already really love the journal, it adds so much to BW, but I have to believe that you have never had more material to work with than Takeda destroying the entire multiverse :lol:


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Re: Thank you

Post by hintzujim » 21 Jan 2019, 17:07

Guys - SO good to get back together again after, if truth be told, a horrible period of time for me and to be able to enjoy Boys Weekend again whilst feeling well was such a marker for me now that treatment is nearly over.

Thanks for all you bring to the weekend and I look forward immensely to the next jaunt!

Keep well and keep up the activity on this awesome website, it's hopefully going to be a 'biggy' in June!

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Re: Thank you

Post by fawn » 21 Jan 2019, 19:03

Thanks to you all once again for a great weekend. Logic, thanks for the transport... it makes the journey just a little bit shorter, which really helps. Baldir was in his element with all the gods getting involved, so well done for not pissing any of them off! Jase, I honestly think that was your best beer ever - both of them were magnificent and really easy to drink. The lodge was something else... although I have a soft spot for the rustic sort! WiFi was a real bonus, though. Oggs, that was a heck of a ride; I really thought it was all over for a while :?

Jim, great to see you looking better and up for enjoying the weekend so fully. It was great to see you so full of life again... and hopefully even more so next time! Hishik continues to be a great strength in the party so it just proves that Gnome Illusionists do work when you fully commit to the role :)

Let's get the dates sorted for June if we can because Jun/Jul is a busy time of year for me!

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Re: Thank you

Post by Takeda » 22 Jan 2019, 21:24


I just wanted to add my thanks and thoughts to those already expressed.

Jim - it was great that you were able to participate so fully and looked so well! Hishik is rapidly developing into a legend in his own lunchtime. Your miniatures are truly spectacular and really bring the engagements to life. Oh and the curry was awesome yet again!

Oggs - thank you once again for taking us to the brink and back and once again getting the balance of legend, lore, and good old hack & slash exactly right yet again! Just one 'pizza' missing in an otherwise flawless delivery.

Logic - Baldir's (your) ability to recall the history, races, lore decipher poetry is truly amazing and saves so much time - not to mention the work you put into the spell book, gaming table, wiki etc...thank you!

Owen - The Journal is equally important and beautifully written - a real treat to recall our adventures because God knows I can't remember half of what actually happened - especially this weekend when it sort of didn't!

Looking forward to the Summer bonanza greatly and lets hope we can set a date really soon.

Take care all


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