Thank you search of Natural Wonder in the Efferendil
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Thank you

Post by ianlogic » 01 Oct 2017, 21:45


Another awesome weekend - thank you. :) I honestly thought it was one of the most enjoyable yet and the time passed far too quickly. This new party is so much fun to play and it really feels like exploring the new characters together has added a whole new dimension. I really enjoy the complexity and the quirks of each character and it works so well as a group.

Already can't wait till the next one.


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Re: Thank you

Post by Takeda » 02 Oct 2017, 12:34


Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for yet another very enjoyable weekend in great company.

Logic – Thank you once again to you and your family for hosting us brilliantly. The way we just arrive and “plug in” to our usual seats is becoming scarily familiar. …and the gaming table is just a fabulous addition to the experience!

Oggs – The scenario and gameplay were superb as ever. The depth of your world continues to astound me and your flexibility to adapt to our various mad schemes remains immense – a nice touch to involve the White council characters too. Engaging, challenging and above all a great laugh, these are the hall marks of your campaigns and it’s a real privilege to play a part in them - thank you!

Jimbo/Owen/Logic – A real pleasure to see and play with you again. The company is what makes these weekends and I love the new characters and the way they are gelling into a quite formidable ‘B’ team. Our first shard ! A real achievement and let’s hope one of a series!

Finally, apologies for the ‘Loopy juice’ beer – but at least you got to see my Superman impression…

Can’t wait for the next one!


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Re: Thank you

Post by hintzujim » 03 Oct 2017, 16:26

Hello again folks,

Great to see you all at the weekend although it went far too quickly. Tremendous fun and, a usual the company was superb, food awesome and gameplay excellent.

Let's roll onto another sooner rather than later I hope!


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Re: Thank you

Post by fawn » 04 Oct 2017, 07:34

Sorry for the delay; I'm all over the place this week - actually at Brize now!

What a great weekend! It was hilarious at times, and I had great fun, which is the whole point so I count this as one of the best. How you cope with our random approach to party actions, Oggs, I don't know. But you always give us something to aim for and something to think about (and then usually forget until we realise we're doing the wrong thing). Thank you so much.

Logic, thanks again for allowing us all to descend upon your house and family. Hopefully we are a fairly light touch. Baldir certainly has character, and wasn't quite so psychotic this time... in fact Fawn seemed to spend more time charging to combat, which is worrying!

Jase, the ale was excellent as always, and I really enjoyed the loopy juice (especially watching what it did to you and Jim on Friday night)! I just wish Takeda would stop making Fawn start talking like an oriental speaking common - he gets me every time.

Jim, it was great to see you again and you certainly make the battles flow more easily with your careful management of the miniatures. We struggled a bit to find things when you weren't with us, plus... no curry! I could actually eat it this time, so that was a plus, and it was delicious.

Like I said, I had great fun, which is the point, and Fawn was even fairly reliable this time around (don't get used to it). Having said that, we are in combat in an enemy stronghold and most of his dweomer is already spent, so things could go downhill rapidly next time :D

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