Post-weekend wash-up

...back on the Prime, for now, in a forest - somewhere!
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Post-weekend wash-up

Post by ianlogic » 03 Oct 2016, 10:56


I thought I would start the ball rolling on the post-weekend wash-up and that I would try to be a bit more honest/critical than our usual habit of just all saying everything was great when there were clearly things we wanted to change!

Cons first
- the food was too heavy! My bad. I have not had such a full/heavy feeling for a long time. I will try for more balance in the menu next time. Sorry!
- my personal preference has always been to play 'heroic' characters with stats to match so I was a little disappointed with the low rolls (but actually was surprised by how much it didn't matter when it came to play).
- We have another crazy arrow consuming machine in the party! Ok, not really a con but blimey :o ;)
- Now that we spend more time actually playing, I felt like I had to spend too long away from the table prepping food and that kept breaking my immersion. Previously, I could always do it during the long debates but now we play more and talk less! I am going to try and prep more food in advance next time and maybe trade a small reduction in fresh-cooked quality for more time for me to play.

- Really enjoyed making new characters, always fun and I can't believe we didn't do it before. And Jase was right, we absolutely should stay in this campaign setting as long as it is still fun for Oggie.
- We got into gameplay much faster, thanks in large part to doing more up front. Really valued Oggie's input to the message board to keep things moving, that made a real difference I thought and is pretty much essential.
- We had a good balance of thinking, talking and playing. It was just about right for me personally, so I would like to keep with this ratio if we can.
- great character play from Jase - physically subjugating a subordinate is exactly what a Samurai lord would do and it took some confidence to do that to another player character (normally taboo). I will continue to play Baldir as pi**ed off about it but I think it was spot on so please don't interpret him sulking as me sulking. I also loved the pseudo-Japanese accent and halting use of English, genuinely added to the play for me.
- getting the chance to level up during the weekend was good too. It sounds petty, but developing your character is a key motivation for me as a player and it was frustrating when nothing changed weekend to weekend. This was much better for me.

Overall, the time flew by this weekend and I couldn't believe how quickly it was over. I could have kept going for another couple of days and really didn't want to walk away from the adventure mid-way. Hopefully, everybody else felt the same :?


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Re: Post-weekend wash-up

Post by fawn » 03 Oct 2016, 17:37


Thanks again for being a wonderful host as usual (and as a bonus providing the first beers from your homebrew)! It's nice that you're being self-critical but don't go too far as I still enjoyed it. If you want a menu comment (and I didn't even think about this until afterwards) I would say that 3 beef menu options probably didn't help with my bowels, but they were all delicious, so not really a complaint.


Great fun and surprisingly immersive for 1st level play. I wasn't sure that we were up to some of those encounters, but it worked out pretty perfectly balance wise, so kudos to you. Perhaps it was my character's vulnerability making me nervous :)

I don't mind playing flawed characters, and we even got a treasure trove (which we clearly didn't trust), so no complaints from me. Lots of dice rolling as well, which I know everyone enjoys, so thank you. A shame my only wild surge just turned a hobgoblin yellow, but that's probably a good thing at this level!


Just to echo Logic's comments, your samurai was played perfectly and really helped us to keep the chaotic/lawful tension going! Although in terms of finding new knowledge Fawn is doing quite well, so he's happy to stick around for now ;) A pleasure seeing you and playing with you as always.

When is the next one? :)

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Re: Post-weekend wash-up

Post by Oggie » 03 Oct 2016, 20:46


Genuinely awesome. Apart from one incident, which does not need going over, I thought this was your best play ever. The quality of 'acting' and character depth was superb - you all seem to have truly embraced first level! I loved how completely at a loss you were to have discovered treasure!
There were some very moving moments - Baldir's recanting of the loss of his mother to the besieged Girenshon Clan was outstanding. There were many brave events - Baldir's leap onto the warship, Takeda's charge at the Yuan-ti and Fawn's...(no idea). And some truly great interpretation - thanks for taking the time with the visions.

I thought the food was superb! Your ability to play, cook, clear up and drink beer was truly amazing. Thank you once again for being such a superb host and tolerating our intrusion. You need change nothing.


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Re: Post-weekend wash-up

Post by Takeda » 03 Oct 2016, 22:06

Hi Guys

I think it's all been said but I will say it again anyway!

Overall I think the new characters in Oggies World brought a really fresh feel and a sense of vulnerability. Life is now precarious and precious once more! I thought all the characters worked really well. Fawn is definitely off the wall - I love him! Baldir has a real depth to his character and the back story gives you so much to work with. It will be really interesting to see how he and Takedas relationship develops.

Logic, you hosted superbly once more and the food was superb! However, I do know what you mean about cooking and playing simultaneously and the knock on effect of not feeling immersed. I think perhaps one way round it would be for us to take scheduled break and doing the COA stuff by the cooker. Also we could prepare some more stuff or may be bring a prepared dish each to take the pressure off?

Finally Oggs, I really don't know how you balance it all so well. To get it that close to the wire where it looks as though we are about to perish but somehow make it through is quite remarkable. To echo Logics point The visions and chat on the forum prior to the weekend also made a real difference and the fact we know the next stage of the quest already means we can jump straight in.

Overall I thought the weekend was a superb success as it kept all the best bits and freshened it up with the new characters with the added bonus of a character already in the party for Jimbo. Plenty of action and levelling up during the weekend did make a real difference. That sense of progression a is something I too really enjoy as part of role playing - plus of course the extra hit points!

Next one end of Jan/Feb anyone?


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